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List of available peripherals on the Nexys4 / Nexys4DDR / Nexys A7 boards

skills scale

  1. Noob : What is VHDL ?
  2. Beginner : Should I take a counter or a FSM ?
  3. Average : YES ! Finally got rid of that latch !
  4. Confirmed : Strange, I was expecting less FFs usage in my design
  5. Advanced : shit, my pipeline is 43 stages long, one too much compared to theoric need
  6. Master : Assembly is a High level language !
  7. God : Let's take over the world, Pinky !


peripheral module provided required skills
switches - Noob
pushbuttons - Noob
LEDs - Noob
RGB LEDs - Beginner
yes Noob
7seg display - Noob → Beginner
Audio Jack - Beginner
VGA display - Beginner → Average
yes (feature limited) Beginner
temp. sensor - Confirmed
planned Beginner
Accelerometer - Average
planned Beginner
SDcard slot - Confirmed → Master
yes (feature limited) Beginner → Average
Microphone yes Beginner
UART - Average
yes (feature limited) Beginner
USB Keyboard - Average
USB Mouse - Average
yes (untested) Beginner
Off-Chip RAM - Advanced
Ethernet - Master


peripheral module provided required skills
Temp. sensor - Confirmed
planned Beginner
Accelerometer - Average
planned Beginner
OLED yes (ASCii only) - deprecated Beginner
OLEDRGB yes Beginner → Average
Analog Joystick - Average → Confirmed
RF (Zigbee(R)) - Average → Master
Distance sensor yes Beginner
Microphone - Average → Confirmed
Compass - Average → Advanced
Stereo Audio out yes (feature limited) Beginner → Advanced
Stereo Audio in/out yes (feature limited) Beginner → Advanced
RealTime clock - Average → Confirmed
Light sensor yes Beginner
Gyroscope - Confirmed
Dig-Analog cnv - Confirmed
Hex 4×4 Keypad - Average
yes Beginner
Bread Board Application Dependent…
The developpment of the application is not
considered part of Architecture projects

Soft IPs

function required skills
Random generator Average
Sine generator Beginner
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