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MEMS microphone controler

This module controls the MEMS microphone embedded on the Nexys4 board and outputs its data

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Using this module

Just configure the generic values and enjoy the sample on data_out when data_en = '1'. data_en is set at the SAMPL_FREQ frequency on average. If SAMPL_FREQ is not a divider of CLK_FREQ_HZ, the exact period between two samples is subject to 1 clock cycle variation from time to time.

No asumptions should be made on the value of data_out when data_en is not set.

Module generics

  • CLK_FREQ_HZ : The system clock frequency expressed in Hz. It is used to provide an accurante sampling frequency.
  • OUT_BITS : The number of bits to express the sample value. The higher this number, the lower the maximum frequency. This value can range from 6 to allow high sampling rate, to 10 to improve sample precision
  • SAMPL_FREQ : The desired audio sampling frequency. This value is limited by the precision of the samples.

Module Files

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